Tie Design Contest

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Do you have a creative mind and fashion sense?

Here is a platform open for you to create and upload your tie design. This an opportunity for all those who have an excellent designing talent and looking for a chance to enter the vast and trending field. Multiple awards are awaiting the winner along with an unimaginable scale of exposure.

The best designer will get a chance to design the tie of their favourite celebrity along with a handsome cash award. He could be the Prime Minister, your favourite film star, the rising sports star, a leading academician and your own personal hero.

Rules of the contest are:




→Use only purple, blue, red colours and their shades for making the design.

→Do not combine two OR more patterns to bring uniqueness.

→Matching of colours is important.

→Tie design must follow a specific pattern and the mixing of the pattern is not permitted.


Must match the specification mentioned at the last section of the page.


All those who are a resident in India and up to the age of 35 can participate in the contest.


Cash award and special chance for the first prize winner. Cash awards for the second and third prize winners. Certificate of appreciation for all the participants.


  • Unique and Innovative idea
  • Based on matching principle
  • Overall aesthetics.


►It must be a fresh design. The created design must not be copied from any site web or anywhere else.

►The size of the image should be according to the rules or else will be rejected.

►The design must have uniqueness and an innovative one.

►Anything relating to the matching of colours in design or pattern should be done by yourself without assistance from any books or other references.

►The winner of best design is found out on the basis of principles of matching patterns.

►The design uploaded after the time allotted will be rejected.

Images must be a maximum of 1200 pixels in height and 200 pixels in width. The best size is approximately 576 pixels in height and 100 pixels in width. Note: Images that are smaller than 576 pixels tall by 100 pixels wide will tile.

This application will accept GIFs and JPEGs only and will not accept any images larger than 500 KB.

For rules and conditions, please click here.