How To Match A Shirt and Tie

Get The Look Right

Putting a patterned tie and a patterned shirt together takes some more know-how than just going with solid color of either component but when well done produces a very sophisticated, stylish look.

Here are some quick tie and shirt matching tips.

You can be putting it together like a pro if you spend some time with our Shirt and Tie Matching game after referring to these following tips:

Look at in-store and window displays for guidance.

Train your eye by being conscious of shirt and tie combinations you see men wearing in the media and in your business life.

Make sure the shirt and tie have at least one of the same color.

Unless you are going for the Soprano look, the tie colors should be darker than the shirt.

Try not to match patterns of the same size or type. For example, with a wide-stripe shirt try a small repeat pattern like a pin dot or all-over novelty print.

You can put a stripe tie with a stripe shirt but, once again, vary the scale: a pin stripe shirt with a wide rep stripe tie is a good match.

Bold patterns should be paired with quieter ones: a bold plaid shirt with a subtly colored oriental print tie, for example.

Expensive tie doesn’t mean it looks good and proper. Give attention to the design and appropriate usage in matching as described in the website here.

The tie should not stand out against the shirt. Instead, it should complement the shirt and your entire look with the situation.

Oversized tie is another issue to be taken care of. Most people give attention to the colour and patterns. It is equally important to select and wear a tie with appropriate size like width and shape and suiting your physique. The width of the tie should be in terms with that of the lapels.

The fabric of the tie deserves another consideration. If cotton, wool and trendy fabrics suit casual occasions, silk and similar fabrics are suitable for formal events, functions etc.

Trust yourself.  If it looks right to you, it probably is right.

When in doubt seek, help from a store sales associate.

If you want to practice matching your necktie to your dress shirt before you go out and buy them, try practicing with our How to Match a Tie to a Shirt Game