It is always a great challenge to match the pattern of shirt and tie.

It is always a great challenge to match the pattern of shirt and tie. There are several factors to be considered while mixing, it can be the matching of shirt’s and tie’s colour, the pattern of shirt and tie, etc. The below mentioned are in detail about the factors to be considered:


It most important to fix the colour of shorts and it must match the colour of the tie. For this, it is helpful to search in colour wheel which contains different shades of colours. Colour can be warm and cool colours. Warm colours are vibrant ones such as red , orange etc. Cool colours include light shades like, purple, blue etc. The colour wheel helps to harmonize these colours and bring a balance.

  1. Monochromatic colour scheme:

It matches the darker variants and lighter shades. For e.g. navy tie against a light blue shirt, this gives an elegant and sophisticated look.

  1. Triadic colour scheme:

Triadic colour scheme includes red, orange, yellow, purple and green. This is a highly professional and versatile scheme which forms a triangle along with the colour wheel.


It is also necessary to select the tie pattern that has a match with the shirt. Avoid mixing three patterns as it would overkill like check against stripes.

  1. Pick a pattern that is same in scope and different in proportion. When you are wearing a solid coloured grey suit with a narrow striped or wide striped tie, it would give a good continued
  2. Pick those patterns which are completely different. Instead of using the wider striped tie as above mentioned can use another pattern like doted one.

The below mentioned are some of the matching patterns of shirts and ties.


It can be in different scale pinstripe (thin strip) to rip stripe (wide stripes) that can be selected according to your preferences. It normally suits for all skin colours, and is flexible and easily worn with other patterns or solid colours.


These are also known as “check pattern” which are very common. The pattern can be in different sizes which could be selected according to the preference and taste.


It can vary in size and has the colour plus the actual plaid pattern itself. One plaid item with the outfit is normally the best combination.


Many different sizes are available from small pinots to large dots. This can be selected according to the occasion. If you are going for a refined look it is best to have smaller dots.