Tie Design Contest

Online Design Upload your design here! Images must be a maximum of 1200 pixels in height and 200 pixels in width. The best size is approximately 576 pixels in height and 100 pixels in width. Note: Images that are smaller than 576 pixels tall by 100 pixels wide will tile. This application will accept GIFs […]

Free Shirt And Tie Matching Game

How Good Are You At Matching? Anyone can put a solid color tie with a patterned shirt, or vice versa. However, matching patterned ties with patterned shirts creates a more sophisticated, stylish look. After spending a few moments reading our How to Match a Shirt and Tie, you are now ready to try your hand […]

Everything You Need To Know About Ties

A tie is a tie, is a tie – or is it? When you’ve found the color and pattern you like, what else is there? Actually, it’s only the beginning. Just like a suit or a dress shirt, you get what you pay for, and it takes an educated eye to recognize the difference. Tie […]

All About Men’s Shirts

    What makes a dress shirt – a dress shirt? For one thing, dress shirts are sized by collar and sleeve length, unlike sport shirts which are sized small, medium, large. Sizing a dress shirt by collar and sleeve length allows for a closer more tailored fit. Additionally, dress shirt collars are designed and […]

How To Match Your Tie, Suit & Shirt

Select Your Tie First   Most men’s fashion advice sites suggest that you first select the suit you want to wear, then the dress shirt, and finally the tie. We disagree. The necktie is the most expressive apparel item in a man’s wardrobe. The whole structure of suit with the lapels and V at the […]

How To Match A Shirt and Tie

Get The Look Right Putting a patterned tie and a patterned shirt together takes some more know-how than just going with solid color of either component but when well done produces a very sophisticated, stylish look. Here are some quick tie and shirt matching tips. You can be putting it together like a pro if […]

How To Buy Men’s Dress Shirts

Selecting the fit and collar of a dress shirt When making a dress shirt purchase you need to consider: size first and foremost, collar style, construction, and fabric. Size and Fit If the first thing you do when leave your office for home is loosen your collar button and pull down your tie, your shirt […]

The Job Interview

Presentation is Everything When going out on a job interview the right tie and shirt can be a critical part of a man’s personal presentation.   With the pendulum swinging away from business casual and toward a dressier standard in many firms, human resource experts are recommending that candidates dress-up for interviews.   The big […]

Ask The Experts

Frequently Asked Questions About Shirts and Ties Can I wear a striped tie with a striped shirt? Sure. Remember the rule of scale, however. If your shirt has a wide track stripe go with a narrow stripe tie, or vise versa. Play our coordination game to see how this works in practice. Remember: trust your […]