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Aniston Could Have Found
A Match for That Tie

New York, NY December 19, 2008 -- Aniston Could Have Found A Match For That Tie
Jennifer Aniston, who appeared naked on the cover of the January 09 issue of GQ Magazine wearing only a tie, could have benefited from a visit to the new fashion advise for guys web site.

“Obviously, she couldn’t find a shirt or suit to go with that boldly patterned necktie,” says Gerald Andersen, founder of and former Executive Director of the Men’s Dress Furnishings Association. “If she had visited my site and played the matching game, she would have realized that there are many stripe, plaid and check patterned shirts that coordinate beautifully with that tie.” The matching game is an interactive feature of the site that teaches visitors how to match patterned ties with patterned shirts.

He also takes issue with her choice of pattern. “The tie is the most expressive item of male apparel. You can find a tie that expresses any taste or personal interest,” he notes.

“If she had gone with a Labrador retriever theme tie, she could have gotten in a subtle plug for her new movie, Marley and Me. Women, who always look at a man’s tie, would have noticed and said ‘Hey, let’s go see that movie’ .”

“Clearly,  the look works for her, but a guy showing up for a job interview similarly attired is going to have a problem,” Mr. Andersen cautions. also has tips and advice on how to dress for a job interview.

Since the tie is unknotted, she seems to have issues in this important accessorizing step.

Once again, comes to the rescue with step-by-step tie knotting directions. “Halle Berry, who appeared on the cover of the November Esquire wearing only a jacket, bra, and tie, got it right. The tie was perfectly tied and dimpled.”


Web Site Teaches Men
How To Dress Well in Troubled Times

New York, NY December 1, 2008 -- Can a necktie make a difference in your career?
In these troubled financial times, it is more important than ever for a man to maintain a professional appearance.  The problem is that many men, children of the corporate casual workplace, don’t know where to begin.

This is the mission of, a web site dedicated to teaching men to dress with style and confidence.

The site was created by Gerald Andersen, former executive director of the Men’s Dress Furnishings Association.

“Men are realizing that a professional image is an important part of establishing their personal brand and an important survival tool as well”, Mr. Andersen said. “It is one more thing that will distinguish them from the guy in the next cubicle or office.”

Mr. Andersen has 35 years of experience in the men’s wear business. “After the MDFA was disbanded, I realized that the mission of helping men use dress as both a means to an end and a means of self-expression, was still a very valid one,” he added.

The new site covers basics such as how to tie a tie, how to shop for shirts and ties, clothing care, how to match suits with shirts and ties, as well as career tips such as how to dress for a job interview.

“Putting yourself together, is just as important as putting your resume together,” Mr. Andersen contends.

He advises that dressing conservatively is the best strategy when meeting a future employer for the first time. “You usually can’t go wrong by projecting a professional appearance. Choose a classic suit in a dark color, white or solid color shirt, and neatly patterned tie. Don’t be afraid of bold color in your choice of necktie. It gets you noticed in a positive way.”

The site isn’t all business, however. There is an entertaining and educational interactive game that teaches men how to put patterned shirts and ties together effectively.

For additional information, please contact Mr. Gerald Anderson.