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How To Tie A Tie

At, we believe that the most useful tie knots for anyone to be familiar with are the following:

The Four In Hand Knot, The Windsor Knot and The Bow Tie

Each of these three necktie knots have a particular use and are appropriate for certain looks, styles and occasions.  Lets review the details for each necktie knot and then move on to how to tie the knot.

Four In Hand Knot
Description of the Four In Hand Knot

This is the most common knot and the easiest to tie. It is also one of the oldest and the name refers to the manner in which the driver of a four horse team would knot the reins around his hand. When properly executed it crease a long cylindrical shaped knot. While it works with most collar types, it is ideally suited for straight and pinned collars. 
For complete visual instruction on how to make the Four in Hand knot please see our How to Make the Four In Hand Knot page.



Windsor Knot
Description of the Windsor Knot

While probably not invented by the Duke of Windsor, it was popularized by him. When properly executed, it creates a triangular shaped knot. It is ideally suited for spread collars. Because it uses so much fabric, it can create a very large knot when tied with a heavy weight woven. 
For complete visual instruction on how to make the Windsor knot please see our How to Make the Windsor Knot page.



Bow Tie Knot
Description of the Bow Tie Knot

This knot has an undeserved reputation for difficulty and most men donít even attempt to make it. It is worn mainly with button down, spread collars, and with formal wear. However, it is also a great accessory with sportswear like cardigan and v-neck sweaters. Once you have learned this knot, you will never want to wear a clip on bow tie again.  For complete visual instruction on how to make the bow tie knot please see our How to Make the Bow Tie Knot page.