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Tie ShoppingHow To Buy Men's Ties
Shopping For A Tie Is Easy, One Size Fits All
Well, almost. Regular four-in-hand ties run the gamut in length from 55” to 58”. Big and tall ties are longer.

Once upon a time you could only get ties in a department store or men’s wear shop. Today you can buy them on the internet as well as from street vendors, gift shops and dry cleaners, whoever has enough room to place a tie rack.

We would not recommend street vendors. Testing done by the Neckwear Association of America some years ago revealed that most of the silk ties purchased from vendors contained no silk. To make sure you get what you pay for, your best bet is to deal with reputable internet or brick and mortar merchants.

It is always good to check out the length of the tie. If you are on the tall side of regular, one of the shorter lengths may not work for you. Many internet merchants provide this information. In a better specialty shop, ask the salesman. In a department store, you are usually on your own. Short of carrying a tape measure, you will just have to eyeball it.

Studies have shown that ties are largely impulse purchases. Someone sees a tie they must have or that Uncle Vinnie would love. Slow down. Think about the colors in the tie. Is the principle color brown, while most of your suits and sport coats are predominantly blue? If Uncle Vinnie is a banker who favors pin stripes, is he going to wear that Spiderman tie that you fell in love with?

While neckties have a low return rate, wardrobe incompatibility, or simply not liking the tie, are the principle reasons for retail returns.

Once you have established that the color and style of the tie work with your wardrobe, consider whether the pattern coordinates with your dress shirt collection. We recommend that you spend some time playing our Coordination Game. It is fun and soon you will be mixing patterns like a pro.


If you are in a situation where you can examine the tie, look for signs of quality construction as outlined in All About Men’s Ties. Check for loose threads and other anomalies. The tie should have a soft, but substantial feel. It should not feel stiff and skimpy. Give it a gentle tug. It should have bounce and elasticity.

Examine the fabric. Most ties are patterned in one of two ways: the pattern is woven in using yarns of many colors; the pattern is printed on the surface via the silk screen method. The difference is apparent on examination: a woven tie pattern has depth and dimension; a print resembles a two dimensional picture. A woven should have a nice, substantial hand indicating a heavier weight silk has been used. A print should feel lighter. We all know what a shoddy print in a book looks like. The same is true in assessing a printed necktie. The colors should be crisp, clear and in sharp register.

Turn the tie over. Most quality ties today are fully lined. This means that a satin silk lining runs the entire length of the inside of the tie. Others are only partially lined with satin tipping at the wide and narrow ends.

If all you can see on the reverse side is folds of the outer fabric you are looking at a Seven Fold tie. This is the most expensive and lavish form of necktie construction. In most ties interlinings provide the heft and feel of the tie. A Seven Fold tie derives its bulk from folding the outer fabric seven times to create the tie. Since outer silk fabrics are more expensive than interlinings this increase the cost of manufacture substantially.  It is debatable, however, if this makes a significantly practical difference in the appearance and performance of the necktie.

Where To Shop For Neckties

Naturally, you can find neckties anywhere… you can find ties in any department store or boutique, but if you are looking for men's ties then I would seriously recommend visiting BoardroomTies for neckties.  Boardroom is one of the few retailers online that actually purchases authentic silk ties directly from the manufacturers.  In addition to their wonderful selection, you can generally find most brands of ties discounted by as much as 40% or more!

Enjoy your new purchase. There is no feeling like going out into the world wearing a new tie you love.