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For many decades, the Men's Dress Furnishings Association was a resource for men's dress shirts and ties for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.  Today, the MDFA lives on in spirit through



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How To Tie The Bow Tie Knot

Bow Tie Step 1


Start with end in left hand extending 1 below that in right hand.

Bow Tie Step 2


Cross longer end over shorter.

Bow Tie Step 3


Pass longer end up through loop.

Bow Tie Step 4


Form front loop of bow by doubling up shorter end (hanging) and placing across collar points.

Bow Tie Step 5


Hold this front loop with thumb and forefinger of left hand. Drop long end down over front.

Bow Tie Step 6


Fold narrow end.

Bow Tie Step 7


Poke resulting loop through and behind front loop.

Bow Tie Step 8


Even ends and tighten.