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What Can A Dress Shirt & Tie Do For You?

In todayís competitive employment market men are realizing that a professional image is not only an important part of establishing their ďbrandĒ, but an important survival tool as well, one more thing that will distinguish them from the guy in the next cubicle or office.

Whether itís going on a job interview, soliciting new business, or networking with peers a man who dresses up, and dresses well, has the advantage. The image a man puts forth is intrinsically linked to how people perceive him.  Make no mistake, first impressions count.

It should come as no surprise that Presidential candidates choose their wardrobes, and particularly their accessories like shirts and ties very carefully when preparing for their televised debates.  The trouble is that many guys, children of the corporate casual era, donít even know how to get started in constructing a more polished image.

As Executive Director of the Neckwear Association of America, and then the Menís Dress Furnishings Association, I have over 30 years of experience not only in advising men on the important role furnishings play in their wardrobes and professional lives, but on how to maximize their investment in dress apparel.  I hope you find this information useful and most important... profitable in your career.
Jerry Andersen

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Free Shirt And Tie Matching Game


Try your skill with this game to see if you can match the right necktie with the proper shirt.  If you can master this simple game, you will soon be able to properly coordinate your wardrobe.


How To Dress For A Job Interview


Whether you are a first time job seeker or an experienced executive, it always helps to review practical advice on how to dress properly for a job interview. Remember - First impressions last.

How To Tie a TieShirts and Ties


Take a quick look at our necktie tying guide and find the knot that best suits your taste.  Remember, the right necktie knot will make your look.

Ask The Experts


Not sure how to shop for the right shirt, or simply unsure what size necktie you should buy for that new suit with the narrow lapels? - take a quick look at our extensive list of questions and answers to achieve the best look.